Tuesday, 30 December 2014

CAMP #1: December in Poway

     The season efforts began in Poway. 

A few days before it all began, I packed my car with everything triathlon I owned + a surf board that I swore I would finally baptize one day in California. The drive down from Victoria to San Diego was nice and the highlight was a fun stop in Portland. Later during the drive I spotted Mount Shasta from the highway. Mount Shasta had been mentioned in the last book I was reading  (Wild: From lost to found on the pacific crest trail by Sheryl Strayed) and I got very curious.    

I decided I had time to stop at the foothill, savor some local chocolate, stare up and think I would love to find the road that could take me higher up that blue sky, on a bike. 

Then I took that thought and that taste with me, closed the door , cranked the music and made my way on the final stretch of road.

Flashes from the camp: 

Camp mode started  right after I arrived. It always is a camp here in Poway. The real efforts though, started with a solid wake up call on the first ride back with the Wurteles. Then there were some great long ride thrills.

 New roads to discover, fast riding with great people, getting excited about biking, starting Strava. There was also action to do with the ocean: A swim across a bay holding on to feet and not thinking of sharks.

La Jolla: My first swim here with Summer Cook and Greg Billington. Left from this beach and swam all the way to another and back.

Later in the camp, there was another swim across a bay not holding feet and thinking of sharks.

There was also.....an evening on a yacht.
On the yacht with the triathlon Squad.

Among camp guests was also a friend for Alice. Kiddo Wurtele.

Here's Kiddo on his way home in his private jet. Will be missed.

Other flashes from the camp include having pain in a climb on the bike and doing it over and over.


Flashes of running on some new trains, of swimming with fins, of bilateral breathing, of

swallowing water, of witnessing how a failed attempt at tacky Christmas sweater party could turn

into a great evening.

Flashes of more climbing up the darn hill, (pedals turning slow, pain coming fast).

Climbing up the darn hill with Heather.

Christmas in Poway: 

I stayed around here for Christmas. I had just had time to start getting organized at camp and there was still work to do so going back to Quebec to visit family could not be an option. We had the idea to make the best of it and got a family skype going between Mom, Grandpa and Grandma in Quebec, my sister Ariane and her husband Sean in Florida, my brother Pierre in Brazil, Most if that idea worked out. It was just very calm here on the 24th, just cooking, listening to Christmas music with Alice and a glass of wine and the skype call in the evening. The next day, was a nice surprise. I got invited by Andrew Duggan and his family and just ended up having a great Christmas day away from home…

I got a few lighter days of training around Christmas, it was great to get to recover after the first few weeks of harder work. It’s back to work now! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all the best for the new year. Thank you for reading !!! 

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