Sunday, 3 May 2015

Out of St. George

I will not be able to take the start in St George. This was definitely an A race for me and yes, I am frustrated of course… 

had planned on racing St Anthony’s last week-end andthen St-George this weekend, thinking that  the double would be nice and St. Anthony’s would be a good dose of speed prior to the big show.

I loved St Anthony’s and finished 2nd, facing a few challenges during the race. The most significant of which was when I crashed my bike out of transition. slippe don the saddle and landed with my chest on the bars. In the heat of the moment, I didn’t feel much and kept on going, though my chest and collar bone were certainly feeling a bit sore.
It wasn’t until after the race that I felt a slight discomfort at the costo vertebral junction at the level of my fourth rib(between my shoulder blad and spine). I iced it and still didn’t think much of it.

I traveled to St George , arriving late Monday night andmet up with my Mom at the RV camp ground where She had found a cool spot overlooking transition. 
Her part of the race was already successfully completed;She he had done the epic drive from Quebec solo in 4 days, (a drive filled with adventure….with her own obstacles to overcome). We had planned a nice week out there, getting ready for the race.

It’s only after I tried to swim the nexday that things started to seem more serious. That day, I didn’t push it. called a local physio that was nice enough to see me right away.  I  got some anti inflammatory treatment and did the bike and run workouts I had to do. I had pain during training that day but nothing that crazy. The next morning though….Iknew I was in trouble.

It was time to call Gino Cinco (Function Smart Physiotherapy), the guy that we (Triathlon Squad mates) rely on to keep us going strong all year. He evaluated me  as much as he could on the phone and  we agreed to wait a little bit and see how the situation would evolved.

Sadly, yesterday morningPaulo and I decided that the race was not going to happen. I am convinced we made the right call. However important that race was to me, having a good season is more important.

Mom insisted to take her adventure west and drive me all the way back to California in the RV.  We were back on the same day (last night).
I am back in Poway this morning and well….I have to just be patient at this point and see how this will evolve. 

I am very determined to get back to racing soon. Hopefully, I can get well enough to take the start at challenge Knoxville. I will keep you posted!

I would agree with my coach Paulo. It’s only when the shit hits the fan that you truly get tested. I’ll take that for motivation.

I’ll be watching my friends and teammates Heather and Trevor Wurteles race on Saturday. 
Take care and thanks for following.

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